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Without any regrets...

... I´m living this exciting life

9 June 1983
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I am a German girl living in the UK, working in computer games. I used to be into a lot of Japanese fandoms but got out of it but I am hopeful that I will get back into it sometime so I will leave the rest of my profile information as it was. Just as reminder ;-)

I joined livejournal in 2007 because of Tenimyu. I am still infatuated by Tenimyu and also by Burimyu, D-Boys, *pnish, Ikuta Toma, Matsujun, JDramas in general and most of all my OTP TutixNagayan <3
I also have an interest in Anime/Manga in general and wrote some fanfictions about Gundam Seed, NGE and Gintama. In my journal entries I mostly talk about RL-related things, which is why they are all friends-locked. If I write a fanfiction I´ll post it in one of the comms I´m in. If you are reading this then you probably stumbled over me in one of those communities. Don´t be shy and feel free to add me if you feel we have enough in common to be friends or if you are just interested in me XD

And here is some more detailed information about me:

What makes my life worthy of living: love and friendship, travelling and discovering new beautiful places and making new friends, music, expressing my ideas and feelings in artwork (be it fiction, drawings, Wallpapers etc.), learning (indeed! ^_~), every aspect of fangirling :-), being childish and crazy, being childish and crazy together with my friends XD, eating and cooking (yeah!)

I am totally into Anime and Manga, my favorite series are: Gundam Seed/Destiny, Bleach, .hack//..., Scrapped Princess, Prince of Tennis, Rurouni Kenshin, Inu Yasha, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Vision of Escaflowne, Wolf´s Rain, Gravitation, Princess Princess, Ouran High School Host Club, Kyou Kara Maou, Code Geass, Mai Hime/Otome, Ranma 1/2, Blade of the Immortal, Loveless, Chrno Crusade... and many more I just can´t remember right now ^_^

Music is the essence of living for me, my favorite genres are: Alternative/Rock, Drum'n'Bass/Electro, Trip Hop, classical music (especially Tschaikowsky and Vivaldi), Anime OSTs and of course J-Rock/J-Pop

My favorite music-artists/bands are: Muse, Billy Talent, Bloc Party, Chemical Brothers, Linkin Park, Pierrot, Gackt, Kimeru, Jan Delay, Beginner, Hooverphonic, Sneaker Pimps, 4Hero, Gwen Stefani, Arctic Monkeys, Cooper Temple Clause, HIM, Jamiroquai, Die Ärzte, Justin Timberlake

Last but not least some things I really don´t like: mobbing, dishonesty, know-it-alls, cruelty to animals (I am not a vegetarian though ^_~), homophobia, prejudices, racism, ignorance, canned mandarines XD, squid, spiders

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Tuti x Nagayan is 4-Years' Friendship ♥

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*pnish* is パニック Love ♥

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Box and Page - Otaku-comrades forever

My lovely Ikuta Toma-moodtheme was made by xenylamine, a big thanks to her again (^__^)