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Fringe (not Gwen's)

Oh dear, I have been inactive again for quite a while. I guess it was a combination of disappointment about the latest Torchwood season, the lack of a new Doctor Who season, the fact that Sherlock only has three episodes (haha) and - that's probably the biggest one of them - my absolute frustration at my current workplace.

Work has been so upsetting for me that I even suffered from minor depression and then I was ill with a nasty cough for two months. I was trying to keep it together, trying to keep busy, to be creative. I had even started a creative writing course at the end of last year but I put too much pressure onto myself and instead of enjoying the creative process I tried to plan everything and got more and more upset the more I missed my targets. Seriously, I shouldn't plan everything through, especially not my leisure time activity and especially not when I am trying to be creative. So, yes, very upsetting months all in all.

But apart from that I had some quiet time to watch two shows which have been running for quite a while: Supernatural and Fringe. That's right, I am the absolute late bloomer on these. I have watched Supernatural up until the last third of season 5 and I am an absolute Dean-girl :-D
I have finished watching season 2 of Fringe today and I have to say although the ending is a good one for a season finale, it still wasn't a nice ending. But I guess they had to do that in order to keep the story going. If they had done a happily ever after now, there would have been only enough story to tell left for 1 season max. I thought season 2 was too long, from the 23 episodes about 15 or 17 were relevant or enjoyable. Some of them were really just fillers and I won't even mention episode 11 in which they miraculously resurrected Charlie (such a very dumb thing to do, Doctor Who fans would have gone protesting onto the streets if such a massive continuity error would have happened!)

If there is anyone on my f-list who likes Fringe and who likes reading Fringe fanfiction, could you recommend me some stories, pretty please? Also any good Fringe comms on lj would be highly appreciated. I believe in the power of the friendlist first before searching by myself.

And that's it for now, I might be writing some Fringe fanfiction in the near future but first I have to read some in order to get a feeling for it. And I have been thinking of doing a cute Peter Bishop-drawing :-)

I hope you're all doing well!
Gwen enjoys the sun

Torchwood Fic: Life is all (around us)

Title: Life is all (around us)
Recipient: 51stcenturyfox
Author: manikineko
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Gwen Cooper, Jack Harkness
Spoilers and Warnings: mentions of death, spoilers for "They keep killing Suzie"
Summary: Gwen is dealing with her mortality after Suzie came back
Beta: n/a
Author Notes: Originally I wanted to go with the funny prompt of the girls playing a joke on the guys but then I took a walk and looked at the autumn trees around me. Autumn is my favourite season and I remembered someone once asking me about this “Doesn’t it bother you that things are dying around you everywhere in autumn?” So here I had the perfect thought for the story about Gwen and death, I hope you’ll like it. Thanks for the awesome prompt!

Please be aware that Gwen’s thoughts are in italic font.

P.S. You might have noticed that the title consists of a quote from Suzie in “They keep killing Suzie :-)

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Jack smiles at Janto

Torchwood Fic: To trust and to hold

Title: To trust and to hold

Author: [info]manikineko 

Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1.497

Warnings: angsty Jack, some kissing and mild spoilers for Miracle Day, episode 7: “Immortal Sins”

Notes: I started this fic before watching “Immortal Sins” but this episode gave it a whole new meaning and in my opinion it gave Jack’s and Ianto’s relationship a whole new meaning. This is meant as a late birthday present for [info]analineblue. I hope you’ll enjoy it <3

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Funny satirical article about Miracle Day

This really made me chuckle:

Especially following the reactions to the link I posted on jackxianto the day before yesterday XD

Small extract:

One angry Dr Who/Old Torchwood fan said "It was too glitzy, with too many bangs and not enough aliens."

Traditional Dr Who/Old Torchwood fans like a different alien every episode, and they like their aliens to be made out of a sink plunger and a dust bin.

The new Torchwood didn't have any aliens at all. It just had dead people who wouldn't die, even when they had been involved in suicide bomb explosion. Now, as impressive as that is, its still not aliens

I have to admit that I disapprove of the way they make fun of the cheap special effects in Doctor who but apart from that it's spot on XD
Gwen enjoys the sun

Torchwood Fic: Quality Time

 And another one! It seems I'm in a writing mood lately =) This one is pure fluff <3

Title: Quality Time
Author: manikineko 
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 814
Warnings: none (just some kissing)
Notes: I blame teamharkness  for posting a picture of skinny Jack which made me come up with this story where Jack is in much need of some quality time to recharge his batteries.
Summary: It's been a rough couple of weeks and Jack clearly needs some rest. Luckily there's Ianto to give him some quality time.

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Gwen enjoys the sun

Torchwood Magazine Yearbook 2009 - Scans!

 A while ago I made a bargain at Forbidden Planet and bought the Torchwood Magazine Yearbook from 2009 for 99 pence :-D I figured that not everyone is lucky enough to have Forbidden Planet around the corner so I decided to be a nice fangirl and share the fun. I therefore bring you 46 images which are scans of the 91 pages of Torchwood Magazine Yearbook. You can either look at them and download them one by one from photobucket or as a .rar file from Megaupload.

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IantoJack meet up pink background

Torchwood Fic: Of the elegant kind

Okay, I have no idea how this story came to my mind but it suddenly hit on my way home this evening and in no time it was written down. It's very sweet and fluffy and a bit dorky. Some might even find it strange for obvious reasons XD Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this =)

Title: Of the elegant kind
Written by: manikineko 
Rating: G
Characters: Ianto, Gwen, Jack (slight mention of character death)
A/N: This is a story about Ianto being a "bit" different ;-)

Summary: Ianto is having trouble getting up at his usual early time, the reason being one Jack Harkness and his merciless measuring tape.

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I want to write so badly it hurts

Sorry for this being a bit of a moany post.

Anyway, I recently started being an active lj member again and my head is bursting with ideas for nice Torchwood fanfictions. I even wrote them down in my little diary and all I need is time to sit down and turn them into stories. And that's exactly what I'm lacking >_< It doesn't help that everyday new wonderful stories are being released within the fandom, and I read them, and I love them, and I feel the PRESSURE. On top of that I have those two Torchwood Magazine yearbooks which I've bought two weeks ago and I am aching to scan them and share them with the fandom. Only I never find the time to do so. But I will! That's a promise. This week I shall get my act together, finish at least one of the stories I've started and scan those magazines *shakes fist*

In other news, I accidentally read a major spoiler for Torchwood season 4 yesterday. Thanks to this stupid TV magazine that had nothing better to do than reveal the major plotline without spoiler warning. With the help of my dear colleague Claire I was able to stop reading any further before more damage was done (she basically screamed at me "No, don't read anymore, spoilers!")

Then there's applications, anime I want to watch, creative writing in general, friends who want to talk on Skype or meet up to party, my book club etc etc. I remember being bored only recently, haha.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a nice weekend, the next entry will be a fanfiction!!!